Sunday, 17 July 2011

Rain, groups and other such grumblings

This weekend has been rain rain rain and I'm not feeling so good either! So lots of time indoors this weekend and back to some serious Flickring....if that’s a word!

As I have said before there seems to be general drift away from Flickr and this weekend yet another contact upped camera and left...its sad but I suppose inevitable that people will leave. There comes a time I suspect when Flickr doesn’t hold the same enjoyment and on a photography level it may feel as if they have come as far as they can on there. If you have reached a level where your photography exists outside Flickr and going well in the real world then the validation and comments from amateurs may not mean anything any more.

From my own point of view I am not trying to be a professional photographer, I am more than happy as a hobby photographer. The enjoyment is the fact it isn't my day job, there’s no pressure, no client to satisfy, no deadlines to meet and if I wake up and don't feel like doing it I'm not going to go broke from it. If on the other hand I sell a few pictures and people seem to like them then I am over the moon.

While happily wandering through Flickr I have found some great groups...there is truly a group for everything and anything on there...but “Fashionable Fishnets (non trashy)” has to be one of the best names for a group...but then there's “Think Salmon” too ha ha. You can honestly type in anything and find a group for it.

(Unfortunatly not a photo of Salmon or Fishnets) :))

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