Monday, 31 January 2011


Mondays! The weekend went too quick and the next one seems to far away. The dark nights make photography much harder as I have really only photographed using natural lighting and I dont have quite the skill level for flash and studio lights. So all in all it means some more processing of last years shots.
I have been doing quite a few black and white edits lately. They are such a great way to show detail and contrasts, especially with buildings. However, I like the occasional flower image in b&w, it takes on a whole new feel. This tiny flower is almost like snowflakes here and the contrast makes it a lot more dramatic.
A Flickr friend today mentioned that I am quite diverse in my photography. I think because I am fairly new to this I am shooting what I see and like rather than sticking to one style. I am enjoying the entire process and have no deep passion for one subject in particular which is why the teacup project I did was a challange for me, as I did have to remain focussed.


  1. it really is a journey to find a 'style'. it may take some time, but isn't it fun. keep on are doing great. :)

  2. Perhaps I am seeing something you don't because I always recognise one of your photo's in my recent upload feed on Flickr without even having to read your name! :o)