Wednesday, 29 June 2011


One of the hardest things I found when I started posting on Flickr was coming up with titles/names for my pictures. At first I just used the uninspiring file number! Something more meaningful seemed to be the norm so I started making things up...that didn't last long either! These days I try to post a quote or a lyric. It might not go together with the picture to most people eyes but it will mean something to me, even if it's only something that makes me smile.

This week I have still be going through old pictures and putting them in some sort of order. It's quite nice to view your pictures with fresh eyes after a while away from them. Part of my way of backing them up is to keep them in monthly folders, or if I have been to a special event or place then they will be grouped on their own.

Here are a couple more beach shots from St Annes...

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