Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Explored, candid shots and other such stuff

I am amazed that my last few shots have made it into Explore...always a joy and so grateful to all the views and faves. Flowers and nature shots do seem to be the way forward or at least the ones with the biggest viewing figures! The summer weather has inspired me to get out and take some lovely shots as natures colours are in full force right now.

Also I have noticed a lot of candid street photography about too, again the summer weather lends itself to every one being outdoors. As I have said before I am really not sure about this type of photography...I can appreciate the skill involved, the eye of the photographer in getting a good shot and in catching the right moment but the whole photographing someone and putting it on Flickr for every one to see and yet the subject of the photograph remains totally unaware?? Well like I said, really not sure thats the way to go about things. I understand the need to "report" things as they happen and document events, but photographing people sitting on a bench eating chips...well really??.

I don't normally comment on news item but if you have seen the news lately parts of England are having riots...I am shocked that things have come to this here. There is a total break down of law and order. I hope all who live in and around these turbulent areas can keep safe and rise above those that initiate these crimes.

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