Thursday, 1 September 2011

Flickr: a full time hobby !

Some days I don't know which way round things should be...should Flickr be a taster of what's on the blog, or the blog just over flow from Flickr. While I am dwelling on this and other such things I have realised I have lots of Glasgow shots I haven't put on either Flickr or here!

I have noticed if I don't upload shots right away then time moves on and I take more and more and things get left the Glasgow shots.

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  1. I find flickr more of a gallery or portfolio of work whereas the blog is more personal and gives more insight to the artist/photographer on a more personal level. I get more personal satisfaction from my blog but it's whatever works for you :) I do feel with Flickr it's an 'if you pat my back, I'll pat yours kind of mentallity'. ie you get back what you put in. I come across so many talented photographers/artists on flickr with no comments on their work probably because they don't have any or many contacts, don't add any faves, dont add their work to groups etc. I think the important thing to me though is spending time creating and producing the work rather than spending time online.

    Love these Glasgow shots by the way :) Hope you have a good weekend Linda!