Sunday, 13 November 2011

Textures, Mulled Wine & Ebay

This week really has felt like the start of the christmas countdown...the nights are dark and rainy and the mulled wine is warm and rich. The only photography I have been doing is shots of things to put on ebay! So not very inspiring.
I have been revisiting some holiday shots and older images and re-editing them and adding textures, so expect to see more of those appearing soon.
I have come to the last of my Blackpool Illuminations images over on Flickr and have really been pleased with them. They probably haven't had the amount of views that my flower/nature shots have had but I am none the less pleased with them. I am not good with night shots generally so have been happy with what I have shot. The camera movement shots have been particularly good fun even if not technically the way to go about things, and I do intend to try my hand with that again.
So here is the last of the Blackpool movers and shakers set :)

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