Sunday, 6 March 2011


This week 3 more of my images went in to Explore. I am truly grateful for each and everyone that comments and faves my images.
Explore is a funny thing really, its a bit like horoscopes in a way...when it's good you want to believe it and when its bad you don’t. Explore's a bit the same. When I have an image chosen then I am pleased, but when I don’t then Explore is not important.

I am secretly competitive and secretly I suppose looking for praise and justification that what I am doing is worth doing...but then aren't we all?


  1. Linda, Explore is an animal I really don't understand at all. Early on, I had around a dozen images explored and quite a few of them are really awful. None of my latest work, which is really my best, has ever been picked up by Explore. I've seen some truly horrible work there, and some beyond stellar images as well. The thing I think is so wonderful about it, is the exposure it give you. It draws others in, and that is a good thing, right? Congrats on your Explores. No matter what, when it happens, it's a really good feeling and you should bask in that.:)

  2. Well done! I've only had one of my photo's explored ever! But nevermind I create for the enjoyment of it. If people like my work then that's just a bonus :)