Tuesday, 23 August 2011

960 photos

I noticed today that I have uploaded my 960th shot to Flickr...wow...I have been busy!

There comes a time I suppose when I need to remove some, some of the older ones...or the ones I am less happy with. As I grow as a photographer I look back on my early shots and just know I could do better now. So in the next few weeks I will be removing some from public view.

I also think it is time to review my RedBubble account. I am not sure it is working as well as it could or should be. However, I havent really figured out what to do about it yet!


  1. Lovely images ~ when you figure out what to do about your Redbubble account to make it work, let me know ~ mines not working either !! LOL !!

  2. I really like your images , hopefully get as good as this when i learn new things about photography

    Keep up the images its always a pleasure to view your work , regards Darren