Monday, 29 August 2011

Quotes and Flowers

I have changed one of the pages on the Blog this week, it now includes a section on quotations. Those of you who look at my Flickr work will notice I title every shot with a favourite quotation...sometimes heartfelt, sometimes funny. So I have put together a page with some of the ones I liked best, so please feel free to click on the top tab and have a read.

I have been dabbling in textures again this week and also many more flower shots. As Summer drifts away here in the UK it's a lovely reminder of those warm sunny days of bright floral colours.

Also very eye catching in B&W, and textured too.

I have had to remove a contact today as I felt their work had become disturbing. I know all of Flickr isn't all a bed of roses and art and photography is also there to provoke and shock and make us think but sometimes I think a line is crossed when something horrific is glamourised and turned into entertainment. I can't stop those sorts of images but I can choose not to look at them.

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