Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Today was the royal wedding, a splendid over the top rich pageant of an affair. But then everyone likes a great love story too.
The bunting and union jacks were out in force and many areas had street parties to celebrate.

With it being a national holiday I almost forgot it was friday and time to post a fence shot too.

Also this week I have been reworking some origami crane shots. I created a set for cranes and then only put 3 images in it, so thought I should make a greater effort with it. I think it also serves to remind us and me that in all the spectacle of today many people are in no position to celebrate and that there lives couldnt be any further from today if they tried.

P.S. The font I am using for headings is really odd...It honestly does say Royal Wedding and not Loyal Wedding!! NB: Changed Font!

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