Friday, 6 May 2011

Camera Shy

I really enjoy taking pictures of animals but have to admit that it isn't stay still and let you take there photo where as animals seem to do whatever they can to do whatever they want! I have lots of shots of the backs of animals...birds flying away...heads buried under wings, water, grass. You can guarantee that as soon as the shutter is pressed its all gone to pot! Here is another edit of the swan I put on to Flickr...trying to hide its head from me and the camera...typical!


  1. Such a beautiful perspective of this lovely swan in its art form.

  2. ha~! i can totally relate as one out of one hundred of my animal photos come out exactly the same way. i've learned that it helps to put my camera on the continuous shooting mode and click away . . . every so often one of them will be just presentablel.

    i think the swan photo actually captures the essence of the bird beautifully and has an elegant abstract beauty to it.