Tuesday, 17 May 2011


This week I have spent a little while in hospital so haven't been on the computer or Flickr much. But while I was away 2 shots of mine made it into Explore...which is always much appreciated. I am quite behind in commenting and posting pictures so apologies to everyone. I have been given another bunch of tulips this week but really have not had the strength to photograph them...or anything really. The mind is willing but the body less so!
Here are a few pictures I took on a recent walk to the park. I have a few more nature ones to post but then I have some landscapes I have been working on. I find if I stick to the same things to photograph I get a bit bored...feel I need to stretch myself a little from time to time. At some point this year I am hoping to try and learn a lot more about long exposures. I have been very impressed with the results that contacts post on Flickr and would like to see if I can do some also.

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