Saturday, 21 May 2011

Show Me The Monet

This week on the television in the UK there has been a show called "Show Me The Monet". The premise is that aspiring artirsts submit there work and if accepted it will be hung in the Royal College of Art at an exhibition. I only managed to watch a few of the series and found it to be most inspiring. BBC Link

The criteria for the judging was:
(i) Originality of the Work;
(ii) Technical Skill of the Artist; and
(iii) Emotional Response Evoked by the Work

I have to say that the show has made me evaluate my own I show enough in any of these catagories.
I have mentioned previously on here about feeling I have a lack of coherant style through my work as I would very much like people to be able to spot an image of mine and know immediatly whose it is.

As I said the programme threw up quite a few things for me to think about. Photography and art in general is more than a destination it's a journey and I will continue to travel along its rich and varied path.

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  1. what a fabulously fun journey it is and who says we can't take a side trip or two~!?!~

    love the top photo ~ so rich in color and beautifully focused and composed.